Friday, November 2, 2007

A boy or a girl?!

I'm SO STINKIN excited to pick out our puppy tomorrow!!! We're visiting the breeder out at their ranch & I'm hoping she'll let us stick around for a while after we pick him/her out just so we can play with all the adorable puppies!! I just love animals. Especially cute ones. & I'm so excited to get our puppy & name it & get it cute toys & train it (altho I'm not sure how long I will remain excited about housebreaking). We have several couples here in SA & a few elsewhere that are going through the whole get pregnant, deliberate over whether it's a girl or a boy, have emotionally draining conversations over baby names, etc. process, & this whole puppy thing is OUR version of it. Yaaaaaaay! I will post pictures after tomorrow. :-)

This time next week we will officially own a house! & in two weeks we move!

I really like lighting candles with matches. Not lighters. I like the smell of a lit match.

I think I want to throw a Halloween party next year. I was so sad not to get to dress up this year. Dressing up is super fun. & not to mention popcorn balls. YUM. I think this is an idea in the making... only 363 days to go!

As it turns out, my brain seems to be in shallow mode today.


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