Friday, September 28, 2007

Is it fall yet??

October is in 3 measley days!! Isn't it time for cool weather, jeans without sweating, light jackets in the evening? I can't wait!

Josh & I went to Dillard's last weekend & got pretty lucky... I'm not sure if the whole store has great deals but I got a pair of jean capris (finally!), regular $64, got them for $16!, & Josh got some work shirts that were regular $30 each, got them for $7.50. So you might should check out Dillard's.

I'm dying my hair again next week! Maybe I'll put up a picture.

The new Thousand Foot Krutch CD is out!! I just became aware of this. Hopefully I can buy it soon. :-)

This entry is very random & quite pointless.

Who reads this blog anyways? I know Kristin, Bailey, Jenn, & Erin do because they leave comments... I know Ashley does because she told me, & of course my mom does... who else is out there?

Josh & I have been looking around our area & searching the internet to find out what kind of house we might be able to get. We are hoping to move into a house at the beginning of the year, so we're slowly (& still casually) looking at our options. It's crazy, & houses are so expensive. I'm praying that the Lord will provide our perfect home, a place that will be safe & feel like our home, & that we will simply be thankful that He is providing this for us.

That's about all the exciting news I have. Next time I update it WILL be October! Yay!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Discovery Alert!

Today during my coupon shopping at Target, I sniffed my way through the Glade candles & picked out a candle to try; I had last bought the Angel Whispers candle, which smells good, but I wanted something new. So I bought the "Fresh Berries & Wild Raspberry" Glade 2-in-1 candle.


I hardly want to leave my kitchen because it smells so good! Hopefully the bottom half, the raspberry half, won't disappoint. But for now... my sniffer is happy.

Candles & Coffee on a Wednesday morning

As I sit drinking my caramel-vanilla flavored coffee, thinking that the world outside can't be moving any faster than I am, I decide to blog, because why not put off going to the grocery store for a little while longer?

I feel like I have learned a lot about people recently. Perhaps God has just opened my eyes. I have realized that even people that love the Lord & want to please Him have times where their "personality" takes over, even when that is contradictory to the Word. For instance, I have trouble loving people that don't love me. Josh is great at loving people, all people. God has shown me that not everyone will always be my friend, but I must still love them. (We're working through it; I'm learning & allowing Him to refine me in that.) But I have also learned that people, including myself, can often excuse these times because well, their "personality" is who they are, as if that excuses the fact that the Bible says to love one another, to die to yourself, to preach the Gospel, etc. Our personalities are so different from person to person, & it's amazing that God has made us so individually. But He has taught me that just because I was born with or obtained some trait, doesn't mean it's okay - I'm to look like Jesus. If my personality trait doesn't look like Jesus, it must change.

This weekend was fun. The Shearer's, the Smith's, & me & Josh floated the Guadalupe river in Boerne on Saturday. As you know, it has rained a bunch this summer, so the river is really high & really fast - you can't even float it without a guide in New Braunfels. But in Boerne it's not AS fast, so we went. The whole length of the float is supposed to last 3-4 hours; we were done in one & a half! There were a couple rapids on the way, & I definitely flipped at one point. Then we all went to Brad's parents house in Boerne & cooked out & made s'mores. Fun times!

I am so thankful for our new San Antonio friends. God is good to provide! I have been missing some of my old friends this week though! I had the opportunity to talk to Claire (who we are staying with next Friday!), Lindsey (who is coming to stay with us Tuesday!), & Bailey (who we are having dinner with Monday!) this week & I'm so excited that Josh & I will be in College Station next weekend to see people. We really want to stay friends with people that aren't here; I'm so thankful for unexpected phone calls, emails, IMs, etc.!

Erin, we're really excited about staying with y'all Saturday night too! :-)

Yay for relationships. Yay for God being all we need to sustain us.


(yes, I'm done signing for the both of us... perhaps one day he will surprise us with an entry! :-) )

Friday, September 14, 2007

a testament to His faithfulness

You all know Josh & I have been praying, & many of you have joined us, for God to reveal to me His plan for my time in this place. Two weeks ago on a Wednesday I felt led to pray very specifically about my situation... so I prayed, as I felt led, that God would show me exactly what He had for me within two weeks & that He would bring it to me. The next day, I was offered part-time positions by two different pastors at our church. Both pastors had been talking & knew that they both were going to offer me positions. I heard about both of them & God confirmed quickly which job I was to take.

I will begin working my way into being the assistant to one of our pastors; I will be doing database work from my own computer on my own time, helping plan events that get new members involved in the church, etc. I'm so excited! Josh & I are so blessed to have been given the opportunity to get to know our church's leadership already, & God is placing me in a spot where I will be part of the growth & change that our church is going through.

God is so good - He knew all along what I would be doing & He brought it right to me at the perfect time. He told me to wait & I did not wait in vain! God knows what He is doing & all we have to do is trust!

Thank you to those of you that have been praying about this - continue to pray that God would continue to change Josh & I to be exactly what He wants us to be, & that He would use us in our church & in Josh's work.



Monday, September 10, 2007

Wifey & Husband

Okay, oreo pizza is good in theory... only semi-good in reality. Oh well. Anyone try those oreo cakesters? I want to try just one... not buy a whole box.

So now that Josh & I have both been in San Antonio for three weeks, we are starting to see what our life here looks like & getting into our routines. Here are some things that relate to my wifeness in some form or fashion:

1) Laundry. Lots of laundry. I feel like I do it a lot. I can't imagine what laundry for 6 people looks like!
2) Whenever I'm done washing & folding clothes, it's probably time to wash some towels or sheets. Washie wash wash.
3) is amazing. I have found some recipes to try that I'm pretty excited about. Tonight I am trying Melissa's mom's taco soup. Yumm.
4) Sometimes I don't make the bed until 4:30. :-)
5) Homemade coffee is great - mainly because it doesn't cost $3. Yay for caramel-vanilla creamer!
6) I keep realizing things that we didn't register for. Good thing we have Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards like crazy!
7) I feel like such a good wife when I light lots of candles & it just smells so good in here. (Although Josh probably doesn't notice, but I sure love candles.)

Here are some things about Josh's life these days:

1) Josh comes home almost every day for lunch, except on most Fridays, when he goes out to lunch with guys from work.
2) He works out after work while I'm fixing dinner.
3) He still doesn't like coffee, but now he gets an iced chai latte when I drag him to Starbucks. We go on Sunday mornings before church; he reads the Sunday paper & I pick out the good coupons.
4) He steals the covers. Big time. Not on purpose though. :-)
5) He likes to cuddle with Toby (the cat... that sentence would sound weird if you didn't know that).
6) He is Mr. Financial Planner man. He pays all of the bills, puts money into savings, watches our expenses, & is currently working on finding out how much we can afford for a house payment. I'm sure glad he does all that!

We are really enjoying finally being here in San Antonio, spending time with our new friends, getting involved in our church, & spending time together. Yay :-)


Thursday, September 6, 2007


Yes, that's right. Oreos. on pizza. Why hasn't anyone thought of this before??? Domino's = genius. Josh is at the church softball league practice & I'm really hoping we won't have time to cook dinner... therefore... calorie-laden goodness.

So I should probably have some really good news about a week from now... so you'll have to check back then to find out. (& no, we're not pregnant. Not pregnant.)

Last weekend we went to a wedding in Midland & it was a lot of fun. A lot of the original families from the beginnings of our church were there, so it was really good to see people, catch up, & do some cake-eating & dancing. Some family friends of ours adopted a Chinese girl about four years ago. She's now seven & stinkin adorable. She is "High School Musical's biggest fan" & was doing scenes & quotes from the movies & quizzing me on the characters' real life names. I wanted to stick her in my purse & take her with me!! We would so adopt a Chinese baby... unfortunately, you can get about six brown babies for the price of one Chinese baby. But that's okay. One or two brown babies will be so great. :-) (Jenn, people laugh at us when we say "brown" baby... & here I thought it made perfect sense! Part black... equals brown. Duh.)

Our Aggie friends Brandon & Jessica are coming in this weekend to hang out & go to Schlitterbahn... they should be here in a couple hours. It should prove to be a good time!

That's all we got! Thanks for visiting!