Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Candles & Coffee on a Wednesday morning

As I sit drinking my caramel-vanilla flavored coffee, thinking that the world outside can't be moving any faster than I am, I decide to blog, because why not put off going to the grocery store for a little while longer?

I feel like I have learned a lot about people recently. Perhaps God has just opened my eyes. I have realized that even people that love the Lord & want to please Him have times where their "personality" takes over, even when that is contradictory to the Word. For instance, I have trouble loving people that don't love me. Josh is great at loving people, all people. God has shown me that not everyone will always be my friend, but I must still love them. (We're working through it; I'm learning & allowing Him to refine me in that.) But I have also learned that people, including myself, can often excuse these times because well, their "personality" is who they are, as if that excuses the fact that the Bible says to love one another, to die to yourself, to preach the Gospel, etc. Our personalities are so different from person to person, & it's amazing that God has made us so individually. But He has taught me that just because I was born with or obtained some trait, doesn't mean it's okay - I'm to look like Jesus. If my personality trait doesn't look like Jesus, it must change.

This weekend was fun. The Shearer's, the Smith's, & me & Josh floated the Guadalupe river in Boerne on Saturday. As you know, it has rained a bunch this summer, so the river is really high & really fast - you can't even float it without a guide in New Braunfels. But in Boerne it's not AS fast, so we went. The whole length of the float is supposed to last 3-4 hours; we were done in one & a half! There were a couple rapids on the way, & I definitely flipped at one point. Then we all went to Brad's parents house in Boerne & cooked out & made s'mores. Fun times!

I am so thankful for our new San Antonio friends. God is good to provide! I have been missing some of my old friends this week though! I had the opportunity to talk to Claire (who we are staying with next Friday!), Lindsey (who is coming to stay with us Tuesday!), & Bailey (who we are having dinner with Monday!) this week & I'm so excited that Josh & I will be in College Station next weekend to see people. We really want to stay friends with people that aren't here; I'm so thankful for unexpected phone calls, emails, IMs, etc.!

Erin, we're really excited about staying with y'all Saturday night too! :-)

Yay for relationships. Yay for God being all we need to sustain us.


(yes, I'm done signing for the both of us... perhaps one day he will surprise us with an entry! :-) )

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kristin said...

I am ALWAYS so convicted about this! love, love, love regardless!