Monday, September 10, 2007

Wifey & Husband

Okay, oreo pizza is good in theory... only semi-good in reality. Oh well. Anyone try those oreo cakesters? I want to try just one... not buy a whole box.

So now that Josh & I have both been in San Antonio for three weeks, we are starting to see what our life here looks like & getting into our routines. Here are some things that relate to my wifeness in some form or fashion:

1) Laundry. Lots of laundry. I feel like I do it a lot. I can't imagine what laundry for 6 people looks like!
2) Whenever I'm done washing & folding clothes, it's probably time to wash some towels or sheets. Washie wash wash.
3) is amazing. I have found some recipes to try that I'm pretty excited about. Tonight I am trying Melissa's mom's taco soup. Yumm.
4) Sometimes I don't make the bed until 4:30. :-)
5) Homemade coffee is great - mainly because it doesn't cost $3. Yay for caramel-vanilla creamer!
6) I keep realizing things that we didn't register for. Good thing we have Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards like crazy!
7) I feel like such a good wife when I light lots of candles & it just smells so good in here. (Although Josh probably doesn't notice, but I sure love candles.)

Here are some things about Josh's life these days:

1) Josh comes home almost every day for lunch, except on most Fridays, when he goes out to lunch with guys from work.
2) He works out after work while I'm fixing dinner.
3) He still doesn't like coffee, but now he gets an iced chai latte when I drag him to Starbucks. We go on Sunday mornings before church; he reads the Sunday paper & I pick out the good coupons.
4) He steals the covers. Big time. Not on purpose though. :-)
5) He likes to cuddle with Toby (the cat... that sentence would sound weird if you didn't know that).
6) He is Mr. Financial Planner man. He pays all of the bills, puts money into savings, watches our expenses, & is currently working on finding out how much we can afford for a house payment. I'm sure glad he does all that!

We are really enjoying finally being here in San Antonio, spending time with our new friends, getting involved in our church, & spending time together. Yay :-)


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