Monday, June 25, 2007

We joined a church!

Yay! Thank you guys for your prayers - God has been so faithful in giving us a church & friends within two weeks of living here! We're really excited about what God will do with us & through us there, & we're now praying that He would show us where He wants us to serve. Also be praying that if He wants me involved in serving the church during the week, that He would provide the opportunity & make it clear to me. But yay for now! The small group we quickly got involved in had a birthday celebration for Josh & our two-year-old member last night, so that was fun & we felt so special that they would honor Josh although we're so new. The Body of Christ is such a blessing!!

We also joined a health club today! We got a really good deal so we're pretty excited about it. I have been trying to run around our neighborhood in the mornings, but with these South Texas temperatures & the crazy humidity, it has been pretty miserable. So now Josh & I have a place to go work out, & something to do during the evenings. Yay!

Kristin is coming to visit me Wednesday! We will have some fun times I'm sure. Then we will be wedding-ing it Friday night, & dinner on Saturday with a couple new friends of ours. What fun!

God is good, isn't He?


Friday, June 22, 2007

oh yeah

Josh & I recently decided on the four worst date movies we have ever seen (& seriously regretted seeing). Here they are in no particular order-

1. A Lot Like Love (unhappy, real life ending - who wants to pay money to see failed relationships?)
2. Catch & Release (we didn't feel happy feelings toward any of the characters - & the introductory scene totally started off the movie in a disgusting way)
3. Because I Said So (this is the dirtiest movie I think I have ever seen)
4. In Good Company (stinkin real life endings!)

You were warned!

(On the positive side of things, we did see Ocean's 13 & liked it - not as good at 11 but better than 12. I have also read that Evan Almighty should actually be a good & clean movie... hmm.)


P.S. This is not the "I'll write more next time" time.

wouldn't it be great... be funny?

There aren't many things I would change about my genetic self. I'm pretty confident in the superficial things God gave me, such as my OCDness or my lack of ability to break any sort of rule. But... I do wish I was funny. Wouldn't it be great to be funny? Like, understated funny. Mostly Josh & I are just goobery (Josh is goobery with a large dose of corn). I only have one joke, & I can't get through it without laughing, so mainly people just watch me with a blank stare when I tell it. Wouldn't it be great to be funny?? Maybe one day.....

Keep praying about the whole church thing. As for friends, God has blessed us with a group of people we are getting to know, & we are so thankful. It is a huge answer to prayer!

I have a couple topics I've been wanting to post on, but I haven't had time. Maybe soon.

Josh & I get to go to Erin & Matt's wedding next weekend!! Yay for weddings! We love them. Congrats guys!!

I'll write more next time.

Have a great weekend!!


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday is the day before Friday!

Hello all!

This week has actually gone by pretty quickly. Josh might disagree. Since Tuesday, he has had to be at work at 6 because for part of his training he is spending time in the company's yard, but he's gotten off at 3 every day as well, so we've had more time to run errands, like joining our bank accounts & phone plans, & getting our washer & dryer installed (my dryer has a light on the inside that comes on when you open it - I'm way excited about it). So it's been nice having him here earlier in the afternoon - although that means I haven't had much progress in the apartment! Oh well!

Lindsey visited me Tuesday on her way through town, so we got to hang out & eat some Krispy Kreme's. I was glad to see her & spend time with her. I also got a phone call that day that was so encouraging. Josh & I have been praying for months to quickly find a church home & to make friends (because the Bible is quite clear that we are meant to have both - a church body & people to encourage us & keep us accountable - so I knew that was something God would do). Obviously we're still waiting about knowing which church to belong to. But we met one couple Sunday that we got to talk to for a while, & she called me Tuesday to ask me to coffee & tell me how much they liked us & wanted to be friends. It was such a blessing! We met today at Starbucks (I finally got an iced latte - it's been a week, y'all!) & spent three hours talking about so much stuff, not much of it superficial at all. It was such a great time & I'm so excited about this couple that we might become good friends with. Even if not, it was still a great time of conversation & I'm quite thankful for it.

I'm excited for the weekend! We have a lot to do here to get this place in order, so we'll probably do that most of the time, but hopefully with a pool break or something else fun.

We really appreciate y'alls prayers for us, & I really love getting calls from y'all - I'm sorry to those of you I haven't called yet - I'm really not sure sometimes how the day gets away from me! But we really want to maintain our friendships. & know that we have a spare bedroom that is always available - unless someone else is sleeping in it, of course. :-) We love y'all!


(I asked Josh if he had any messages for the blog world, & he started talking to Toby - "kittttyyyyyy, kittyyyyyy....")

Monday, June 11, 2007

We're married!

Hey everyone! So we got married, went on our wonderful honeymoon to Victoria in British Columbia, spent a couple days in Cloudcroft, & now we are finally here in San Antonio! Josh started work today & will be training hardcore for the next couple of months, including some traveling (all in Texas) that I'm planning on joining him on. I've been trying to get everything we own out of boxes & where it belongs! It's been quite a process & there is still a long way to go! But we really like our apartment & it already feels like home.

I'm praying that God shows me where He wants me spending my time soon... whether it be very involved in a church, an organization, or getting a part-time job... if you pray for us, pray for that, & that He would quickly show us which church He wants us to be a part of. We want to get involved & start meeting people, so we're really looking forward to becoming a part of a local church body. We visited a church yesterday but don't feel a peace about it, so we're still praying & waiting & will visit another one this coming weekend.

I would also like to mention that I busted Josh's lip. My watch kind of smacked him in the mouth when we were playing with my dog. Whoops.

Toby (my cat) & Josh are bonding as well.

We really are pretty boring people.

I did discover that HEB makes almost every possible product in their grocery store with their own brand that is much cheaper & for the most part tastes the same... I mean, I knew they had that brand, but they really do make just about everything. Except their soup options are pretty slim.

Our big plates don't fit in our cabinets so the door just doesn't close all the way.

I'm really trying here, but we don't have much exciting news for you all right now. We are enjoying hanging out (without cable!), putting our apartment together, & playing with the kitty. It's a pretty simple life right now... but a good one.

Till next time!