Monday, June 25, 2007

We joined a church!

Yay! Thank you guys for your prayers - God has been so faithful in giving us a church & friends within two weeks of living here! We're really excited about what God will do with us & through us there, & we're now praying that He would show us where He wants us to serve. Also be praying that if He wants me involved in serving the church during the week, that He would provide the opportunity & make it clear to me. But yay for now! The small group we quickly got involved in had a birthday celebration for Josh & our two-year-old member last night, so that was fun & we felt so special that they would honor Josh although we're so new. The Body of Christ is such a blessing!!

We also joined a health club today! We got a really good deal so we're pretty excited about it. I have been trying to run around our neighborhood in the mornings, but with these South Texas temperatures & the crazy humidity, it has been pretty miserable. So now Josh & I have a place to go work out, & something to do during the evenings. Yay!

Kristin is coming to visit me Wednesday! We will have some fun times I'm sure. Then we will be wedding-ing it Friday night, & dinner on Saturday with a couple new friends of ours. What fun!

God is good, isn't He?


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Laura said...

1. I loved that video from the Patton's website. It was hilarious. I liked the dancing poop.

2. I get to see you at Erin and Matt's wedding! Yay!

3. I'm so glad you found a church! What's it called?