Monday, July 9, 2007

Life is Weird

I wanted to post a picture of my (parents') dog... b/c she's adorable. We can't wait to get a dog.

But yes, life is weird. About as weird as it's ever been. Some parts I like. Some... well, let's just say I've been praying a lot.

It's strange being in a town where you can count on two hands how many people you know. & those relationships are new & not very deep - I really miss my friends that know me & we can have serious conversations or we can have fun or we can sit & not do much of anything. I want that here but I think it's going to take a while.

God is challenging me with contentment. I'm really struggling to be fully satisfied in Him alone... I've definitely realized how important people & relationships are to me. Josh left last night for Houston & this, where I am, will not seem like home again for a month & a half. I don't like being here without him so I'll be in Houston as much as I can... living out of a suitcase. At least we'll have cable! & I guess that will motivate me to write those thank you notes!

Josh is in a wedding this weekend, & his grandmother passed away today (Josh's family would appreciate your prayers), so we will be going to a funeral a day or two before the wedding. Again, life is weird. It's the most inconsistent & unroutine it's ever been. Hmm.

But I know God has something for us in this time. He will grow us & hopefully we will know Him more by the time this period is over.

Pray that our marriage would be strengthened during this time & that we would not let things like money (it costs a lot to drive back & forth & eat out more often than we do here) cause frustrations. We really appreciate your prayers!



Anonymous said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel!

The Mosiers said...

The Mosiers will definitely be praying for you guys. Thanks so much for coming to our wedding. It was so great to see you!!! We now have a blog set up as well. It's I hope things are going well for you guys. We look forward to a visit from you in the fall!