Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thank goodness for cell phones.

Oh, what a week we have had!

So last Tuesday, I tried a new Starbucks near the hotel for my hour or two of thank-you-note writing. First of all, they were playing very loud Hispanic dancing music. Then my iced caramel latte seemed all caramel, little latte. Mainly due to the music, I decided to leave & go to the Starbucks I had been going to. But when I hauled my Target bag of notes, stamps, wedding cards, etc., out to my car, my car didn't start. Okay. So Josh left work early & saved my stranded self. He jumped it & we went to the hotel to find somewhere to take it to. When we went to take it to the dealership, it wouldn't even jump. So we got it towed. Apparently my alternator had failed, so they replaced it & I picked it up Thursday.

Drove it Thursday during the day. Then Josh & I headed on the beltway toward Jessica & Brandon's place for dinner & my stereo stopped working... then lights on my dash came on... then my windshield wipers started slowing down... at this point we start heading back to the hotel to take his car... my air conditioner stopped blowing cold air... I'm crying, afraid it is going to blow up as we drive down the highway... then we exited the highway & my brakes started jerking. We pulled into some warehouse parking lot & my car died. Fun. We called the dealership again & the towing company & no one could figure out where we were. We eventually got picked up & some fuse linkage box thing in my car had died or whatever. Picked it up on Saturday.

So that was some all week car trouble fun!

Oh ya. Then we realized the highway we had taken when we tried to turn around was a toll-tag only tollway. So we're watching the mail for charges from that!

Poor Josh also got sick with a cold last week, & gave it to me yesterday. What a sharing sweetie.

We also found out where Josh would be his last two weeks of training. Not Austin, like previously planned, but... ALA-STINKIN-BAMA!

So he will be in Alabama for two weeks starting Monday. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, because he is flying so I can't go (unless we paid for it of course but that's not gonna happen)... go to Midland? Stay in San Antonio & try to figure out what to do with my life? We'll see.

I'm not really looking forward to going back to San Antonio. I'll be glad to be back in our home, of course, but I'll only be reminded that I have yet to hear God show me what to do with my time & that we have no close friends or family-figures. I'm having a harder time with this than Josh; he's definitely more patient than I am. We have really enjoyed hanging out with our good friends Jessica & Brandon while we've been here in Houston, & I got to spend time with Paige & Claire, & I'm very thankful for that.

Please do be praying that God will show me what He wants me to do. I'm quite conflicted over it all. Pray for patience & clarity. & please be praying that Josh is safe during his last two weeks of training. It's almost over!!

We miss you all!!



Jennifer Bacak said...

I'll be praying for you. I know car trouble is such a pain! It can only be made worse by having babies in the back seat, believe me!
But God is going to reveal to you a marvelous plan for you! Can't wait to hear about it.

kristin said...

I've experienced the tejano in Starbucks before too, and it was so loud I could hear it over my ipod! It really does completely ruin any attempts to get anything done, I remember I was so frustrated. Oh, complaining.

Anonymous said...

COURTNEY! Where in Alabama will you be? Might I remind you that Ala. is right next door to ole' Georgia!! Love you and sorry your week was blah!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so i just reread your blog and realized that you said you weren't going to Ala. I guess I got so excited about the possiblity that you would be so close to me that I commented without reading the whole thing... Silly me. I know that will be hard for you... I'll be praying. Maybe the Lord will surprise you! Don't fret... He is perfect.