Monday, January 28, 2008

How I love those cinnamon crunch bagels...

I have a new store to introduce to Texas. Lush. This place is fun! Josh & I first discovered it in Victoria on our honeymoon, & when we saw it this weekend in Dallas, we had to go in! He bought me a bath bomb, a bubble bar, & my favorite, a massage bar. You rub it & the heat from your skin makes the surface of the bar turn into a creamy moisturizer! The scents are yummy too. They also have solid shampoos, solid soaps, gooey shower gels (that look like jello molds), & lotions, all organic. I'm not an organic-maniac, altho I would definitely shop at World Market if it were cheaper! But this place is just so great! You must make your way to Northpark next time you are in Dallas!

Josh & I also got to stay in a four-star hotel in downtown (the one that is connected to Reunion Tower - the rotating restaurant tower ball thing) for super cheap, ate bagels at Panera Bread (yumm!), & some cupcakes at the LA cupcake hotspot Sprinkles!! I just love Dallas. I love visiting there!

These past few weeks have been really busy with work, & the busyness isn't over yet, but it's been good, & I enjoy having the Lord use me to help people get connected with other believers in our church!

On that note, I'm off to a meeting!


Thursday, January 17, 2008


I think it's really awkward that the host of Family Feud always tries to hold the hands of the female contestants.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I should join the circus

Ahhh... making phone calls makes me CRAZY!!! Especially if I don't know the person I'm calling... I get all sweaty & my chest feels tight (isn't that what happens during a heart attack? Making phone calls is bad for my health!). I would SO rather talk to someone face-to-face. Iccckkkkk. Phonaphobia!!

So, got a story for ya Ags. As you faithful readers know, Josh has dyed my hair twice before, so Sunday he dyed it again. Same color as before, b/c I liked it. Well. For one reason or another (not Josh's fault), the hair in the front of my head is RED. RED. Not auburn. RED. I cried a lot & washed my hair 9 times within 24 hours with a cheap (NOT color-safe!) clarifying shampoo, & I have managed to lessen the harshness a bit. I could actually go in public without wearing a hat today! Altho, I'm sure to the stranger on the street, it's strange that the front of my hair is red, & the back isn't. (Oh, & you should see it in a ponytail, the entire pulled back part is red, & the ponytail part is not.) At least I'm not crying anymore. Let's just say no more dying will be happening to my hair!!

Josh installed a garage door opener for me! It's funny, we didn't even think to ask if there were garage door openers before we put a contract on the house, who would've thought there weren't?? But alas. Josh also replaced some belts in his car recently. What a handy man! He saved us a lot of money doing those things on his own!

I'm so excited. Some girl friends from high school & I have had a girls weekend planned for this upcoming weekend for many months, & it's finally here! It will be so fun & refreshing to get away & just have fun with each other! Esp. since we're all in very different places in the world & in life, we will get to just enjoy being with each other again! Ya!


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008!!

Crazy that 2007 is gone. 2008 is the first year of "real world," the first full year in over 16 years to not be in school, just working, house managing, spending time with friends & a couple other changes to be discussed at a further time.

Today was such a good day! Josh & I woke up a little before 11, lazed around, watched a couple movies, ate some ham & black eyed peas, & I read a book while Josh watched some football, & now he's playing Guitar Hero. We just loved our day of relaxing & staying in & hanging out! I can't wait till Josh can retire. :-)

Last night we hung out with Brad & Haley, playing games & stuffing our faces & watching the ball drop together. San Antonio did their own "ball drop" for the first time; they used the elevator of the Tower of the Americas to go up & light up a 2008 at midnight. We watched, waiting to countdown, as the elevator went up, & the host narrated: "Okay, we're going to start counting down soon... oh.. uh... ONE... um... Happy New Year!" Apparently it wasn't very well timed. It was fun tho to hang out with our friends!

My prayer for this year is that Josh & I will look drastically different at the end of 2008, that we will look more like Jesus & we will know Him better. It's my prayer for you as well. :-)

Oh, & again, the book that I'm reading is called "God Guides" by Mary Geegh... it's really short & I don't think they sell it in bookstores, so to order it you would send a "suggested donation" of $4 per copy to

Pray America
P.O. Box 14070
Lansing, MI 48901-4070

It's so cheap, you should definitely order one. It is stories telling of things God did in the life of a missionary & those around her, so it's very entertaining, but challenges us to seek God by actually sitting, listening, & writing down the thoughts that the Lord brings to us, because He truly does want to speak to us!!

Happy New Year!