Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I should join the circus

Ahhh... making phone calls makes me CRAZY!!! Especially if I don't know the person I'm calling... I get all sweaty & my chest feels tight (isn't that what happens during a heart attack? Making phone calls is bad for my health!). I would SO rather talk to someone face-to-face. Iccckkkkk. Phonaphobia!!

So, got a story for ya Ags. As you faithful readers know, Josh has dyed my hair twice before, so Sunday he dyed it again. Same color as before, b/c I liked it. Well. For one reason or another (not Josh's fault), the hair in the front of my head is RED. RED. Not auburn. RED. I cried a lot & washed my hair 9 times within 24 hours with a cheap (NOT color-safe!) clarifying shampoo, & I have managed to lessen the harshness a bit. I could actually go in public without wearing a hat today! Altho, I'm sure to the stranger on the street, it's strange that the front of my hair is red, & the back isn't. (Oh, & you should see it in a ponytail, the entire pulled back part is red, & the ponytail part is not.) At least I'm not crying anymore. Let's just say no more dying will be happening to my hair!!

Josh installed a garage door opener for me! It's funny, we didn't even think to ask if there were garage door openers before we put a contract on the house, who would've thought there weren't?? But alas. Josh also replaced some belts in his car recently. What a handy man! He saved us a lot of money doing those things on his own!

I'm so excited. Some girl friends from high school & I have had a girls weekend planned for this upcoming weekend for many months, & it's finally here! It will be so fun & refreshing to get away & just have fun with each other! Esp. since we're all in very different places in the world & in life, we will get to just enjoy being with each other again! Ya!



BrunerAbroad said...

These are the kinds of things you need to take pictures of. I would have loved to have seen it.

Jennifer Bacak said...

That is cracking me up about Josh coloring your hair!
There's a really funny story about Heather coloring my hair...like three times in 24 hours.
Another time.