Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008!!

Crazy that 2007 is gone. 2008 is the first year of "real world," the first full year in over 16 years to not be in school, just working, house managing, spending time with friends & a couple other changes to be discussed at a further time.

Today was such a good day! Josh & I woke up a little before 11, lazed around, watched a couple movies, ate some ham & black eyed peas, & I read a book while Josh watched some football, & now he's playing Guitar Hero. We just loved our day of relaxing & staying in & hanging out! I can't wait till Josh can retire. :-)

Last night we hung out with Brad & Haley, playing games & stuffing our faces & watching the ball drop together. San Antonio did their own "ball drop" for the first time; they used the elevator of the Tower of the Americas to go up & light up a 2008 at midnight. We watched, waiting to countdown, as the elevator went up, & the host narrated: "Okay, we're going to start counting down soon... oh.. uh... ONE... um... Happy New Year!" Apparently it wasn't very well timed. It was fun tho to hang out with our friends!

My prayer for this year is that Josh & I will look drastically different at the end of 2008, that we will look more like Jesus & we will know Him better. It's my prayer for you as well. :-)

Oh, & again, the book that I'm reading is called "God Guides" by Mary Geegh... it's really short & I don't think they sell it in bookstores, so to order it you would send a "suggested donation" of $4 per copy to

Pray America
P.O. Box 14070
Lansing, MI 48901-4070

It's so cheap, you should definitely order one. It is stories telling of things God did in the life of a missionary & those around her, so it's very entertaining, but challenges us to seek God by actually sitting, listening, & writing down the thoughts that the Lord brings to us, because He truly does want to speak to us!!

Happy New Year!


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Jennifer Bacak said...

Happy 2008 Roberts! We love you!