Monday, January 28, 2008

How I love those cinnamon crunch bagels...

I have a new store to introduce to Texas. Lush. This place is fun! Josh & I first discovered it in Victoria on our honeymoon, & when we saw it this weekend in Dallas, we had to go in! He bought me a bath bomb, a bubble bar, & my favorite, a massage bar. You rub it & the heat from your skin makes the surface of the bar turn into a creamy moisturizer! The scents are yummy too. They also have solid shampoos, solid soaps, gooey shower gels (that look like jello molds), & lotions, all organic. I'm not an organic-maniac, altho I would definitely shop at World Market if it were cheaper! But this place is just so great! You must make your way to Northpark next time you are in Dallas!

Josh & I also got to stay in a four-star hotel in downtown (the one that is connected to Reunion Tower - the rotating restaurant tower ball thing) for super cheap, ate bagels at Panera Bread (yumm!), & some cupcakes at the LA cupcake hotspot Sprinkles!! I just love Dallas. I love visiting there!

These past few weeks have been really busy with work, & the busyness isn't over yet, but it's been good, & I enjoy having the Lord use me to help people get connected with other believers in our church!

On that note, I'm off to a meeting!


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BrunerAbroad said...

Panera....yuuummm...when I was in Houston to pick up my visa I definitely made a point to eat there.

I'm glad you like Dallas. I do too. =)

I miss you!