Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Spiritually Speaking

I've been having a really rough time with this whole no-sleep thing. Isn't it silly? When I see how I'm reacting these days, I think it's ridiculous. It's such a minute thing. But I'm going on 6 weeks of sleep deprivation. (Two nights this week Jack was up every 2 hours. I have had two or three opportunities in the past several weeks to sleep 3.5 hours in a row, but no more.) My body aches because it can't get adequate rest, & my head has that constant "I might just fall asleep any minute" feeling. & I do okay some days, but other days I get so frustrated & even angry that there is no end in sight. Like I said, ridiculous. I'm not a big fan of my attitude. I'm having to do a lot of praying through it. I have had a feeling recently that God wanted to work on me in some areas that needed some refining. Nothing specific. I'm signing up for a Bible study this spring that I thought would lead to some thought-provoking times with the Lord, some good prayer, & maybe I'd come out the other end looking a little prettier spiritually. All neat & clean-like. Hmm, maybe THIS is what God was thinking instead? Oh sheesh. It seems I'm not accepting the challenge very well!

I started reading "So Long Insecurity" by Beth Moore. I have heard a lot of good things about it & as I mentioned before, felt up to the challenge to work through junk & thought maybe this would present some areas where I need to do that. I've started going through my Bible & writing out scriptures that say something about my identity, or where my worth & value is rooted. It's been good so far. I think I'll have to write them all out here once I have compiled my list.

So if you feel led, there are some ways you can pray for me. Specifically my attitude regarding no sleep. & please pray I & my family would remain healthy, mainly because my immune system is shot when I am not getting enough sleep & I don't want to bring any sickness into our home. Thanks. :)

Friday, January 11, 2013


This blog is written by a woman who went to our church when we were in college. She just wrote this post about how her family is changing their diet & how they are starting to view food & health. It is pretty much the way we are changing now too. Check it out!

Life Lately

I'm exhausted. Ex.Haus.Ted. For the past month, Jack has been sleeping very poorly. Two nights this week, he woke up every 2.5 hours. He won't nap longer than 45 minutes during the day so he is constantly tired. A good part of my day consists of holding him tightly so he'll eventually nap, since he fights it when he's overtired. My brain is literally loopy most of the time - I can't construct basic sentences & I'm always forgetting things. I got sick twice in the past month because my immune system suffers when I'm not sleeping well. It's been rough. But then he stares at me & after a couple of seconds, breaks into a huge smile, which reminds me it's worth it. & perhaps, just maybe, I'll sleep again one day.

Elliot has been pretty funny lately. He says & does things that he sees or hears us, or someone else, do & it usually catches me by surprise that he picked it up at all. Examples would be good, if I could think of any (see first paragraph).

It seems that Jack's reflux has drastically improved! I have tested his tolerance with a little dairy here & there, & until recently, it was met with two days of more spit up & Jack acting like he didn't feel good. But I had a mocha yesterday, with milk, & he seemed fine! I probably can't go eating ice cream, & I'll try to keep eating the way that I have since it's better for me anyways, but it's nice to know that on my birthday I'll be able to eat what I want (which is pasta & this delicious dessert from one of our favorite restaurants). Yum!

I think I thought I had more to write, but as it turns out, this is all that is coming to mind. Maybe I need more coffee. Either way, that's it for now!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mommies don't get sick days

Vitamin C

Vitamin D3

Elderberry syrup

Tea with honey

Fresh squeezed orange juice

Baths with eucalyptus oil

Who knows if all of this stuff is working... what I really need is about 12 straight hours of sleep! I've been pretty sleep deprived over the past three weeks or so that this cold is really kicking my tail.

I will say, the eucalyptus bath does clear me up really well & relieve some of the tension in my head, until I get out & then it all comes back. If only I could wear a tiny tub full of eucalyptus right below my nostrils....