Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mommies don't get sick days

Vitamin C

Vitamin D3

Elderberry syrup

Tea with honey

Fresh squeezed orange juice

Baths with eucalyptus oil

Who knows if all of this stuff is working... what I really need is about 12 straight hours of sleep! I've been pretty sleep deprived over the past three weeks or so that this cold is really kicking my tail.

I will say, the eucalyptus bath does clear me up really well & relieve some of the tension in my head, until I get out & then it all comes back. If only I could wear a tiny tub full of eucalyptus right below my nostrils....

1 comment:

The Alters said...

Breathe Right strips! I have used them for most of my pregnancy as I have had horrible stuffiness. Weird. Anywhoo, it helps a little bit! :)