Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I'm sick & it's NO FUN!! I started getting symptoms of the flu Monday morning & just left the house for the first time since then about 2 hours ago to go the grocery store, & now I'm just TIRED. Chills & sweats, aches, & a horribly sore throat have been my constant companions. & what's horrible is, you're so achy & tired, but you don't get very good sleep, with waking up shivering, then waking up in wet pjs from sweating (I know it's gross, I'm living it) & your head hurts & ahhhh. I don't get sick very often at all so I'm awfully whiny now that I am. :-( I'm feeling a smidgen better now that I think my fever is gone, but I read today that the tiredness can last for WEEKS after the other symptoms subside!! Geez.

I have enjoyed taking several baths within 24 hours tho. :-)

Oh, & Theraflu tastes gross.

God has been teaching me a lot lately. The Word is extremely alive, the Spirit is guiding & speaking, all while facing new challenges that make me feel helpless & all I can do is trust the Lord with it. It's good stuff & it makes me excited.

My arms are done typing....


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Jennifer Bacak said...

The flu is everywhere! It's evil this year! You should be on Tamiflu. It may be too late if you got sick on Monday, but Tamiflu (by prescription) shortens the duration and lessens the severity of your symptoms. It was a miracle for Treston! He had two strains of the flu at the same time. It was not a happy time.
I hope you feel better soon!!!!