Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lizards are sometimes cute

I realized last night that I feel very much like I am letting people down when I am sick. I feel like I'm being a bad wife, & a bad worker for the church, b/c I just can't do much. I pushed it too much yesterday b/c I wanted to get my life back & it made me feel pretty icky (physically). I'm a control freak.

That's what I learned yesterday!

I've been a hermit all day. I'm hoping by Saturday I will be able to leave the house without pushing it.

Yesterday I was being a bum on the coach, when I saw...


I think the first thing through my mind was... "lizard... kitchen... that shouldn't be in there..." then I realized I had to do something about it! So I attacked it with tupperware (luckily Sage was outside so she couldn't have fun with the little booger) & cautiously made it to the front door to throw it out. I'm so brave. I usually think lizards are cute... but not when they are in your house!!!!

Part of the reason my health went south yesterday was because we kind of went to the San Antonio Rodeo to see Jeremy Camp & TobyMac. I know I shouldn't have!! Buuttttt it was a good concert!!

Tonight we are having lasagna & watching a movie. :-)


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