Friday, February 29, 2008

We have joined the ranks....

We now watch American Idol.

I never thought the day would come! I've never had any reason not to watch it, I just never had, never watched an episode, nor had Josh. But this season we watched the auditions, which of course made us want to watch to see who made the show... & here we are, intrigued!

I like the rock guy... not the long haired rock guy that the judges pick on & say he's not really rock, but the other one. BUT I have been voting for Jason Castro, because he's good & he's an Aggie, WHOOP! I must represent, yo.

So, I'm really excited - we are going to DISNEY WORLD!!!! Yaaaa!!! My family has gone twice already in life, & we just love it, & Josh has never been, so the five of us are going soon & Josh will see what the MAGIC is all about!! All our kids in Sunday School were talking about how much they love Disney World, & now Josh will be able to talk about it too. :-) It will be lots of fun!!

I'm also excited because we had gift cards leftover from the wedding, & I used them to buy new bathroom stuff for the guest bath, & some window treatments for the kitchen, which will hopefully be painted by this time next week! I like seeing our home come together. It will take a lot of time to be able to buy more furniture & do some updates & replacing, but it already feels quite homey.

The local San Antonio morning show is doing an SA version of The Biggest Loser, & I watched part of it yesterday, & I love seeing people & their success in losing weight. It's really hard! So good for them!

We are hanging out with good friends this weekend, Claire & Russell. I'm excited!


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The Dodds said...

Welcome to the AI club!! YAY!