Sunday, March 9, 2008

tales of a painter

I painted the kitchen! Finally!

The Mexican food restaurant green is gone, replaced with a lovely minty kitcheny green (thanks to my mom we actually finished in one day, too). Next I'll paint our room latte (but not the reading room, I like that part of our room)... then I'm in the process of picking a color for our bathroom (note that it took almost 3 months after painting our living room for me to do the kitchen.. maybe all this by 2009?). I'll also have to paint the antiqued yellow cabinets - yuck. Our bathroom will hopefully look drastically different. Then I think I'll paint the guest bath, then eventually the two guest rooms. It's fun finding cheap ways to improve our house. One of my favorite is switchplates. Another is hooks, like towel hooks you know. They don't cost much at all but can change the way a room looks!

Something has happened to prove that I am no longer in school, but this is my life. I used to have two dreams about school, at least once a semester - one was that I had to go get a book out of my locker, but by the time I found my locker, I couldn't remember the combination. The dream ended there, always leaving me in a panic. My other school dream took place toward the end of the semester, when I realized - "oh my goodness, I forgot I signed up for that class! I haven't been going all semester!" That dream also ends in a panic, wondering if I will just fail, but never finding out.

My life has changed.

Last night... I had a dream. I dreamed that I walked into a room that was HUGE, & looked like someone had started painting different parts of the room different colors, all loud horrible colors. I panic - "oh my goodness, I forgot about THIS room!! What color will I paint it?!?!??!!?!?!"

I am officially no longer a student - but a homemaker.

I wonder if that will be the only dream??



Molly Kate said...

this post cracks me up!!! I am terrible at math and I thought I had escaped it until I got to student teaching and they play this game called "the magic number" to line-up. Oh no...math again.
Apparently it freaked me out so much that I had a dream about it!
p.s.- the magic number in my dream? 20
love ya!

Jennifer Bacak said...

That dream about a college class is one both Rusty and I have! It's finals, and we forgot to go to class. Weird, hu?
I've also dreamed that I was in labor, and didn't know I was pregnant. That actually happens to people. Rusty has delivered surprise babies before. Even weirder.

BrunerAbroad said...

HAHA - that cracked me up. I have those dreams sometimes - the ones that stress you out big time, and then when you wake up you feel like you need a nap to recover..

I want to see pictures of your lovely painted rooms!!