Thursday, March 20, 2008

juice & Disney World

I'm pretty simple when it comes to what I buy to drink around the house. Water, Diet Coke, orange juice, & coffee. But I have really enjoyed the Pomegranate Blueberry V8 Fusion lately. I was disappointed with the strawberry banana, it seemed too watery to me, but the pom-blu is a good flavor, plus it's healthy! I'm pretty picky about my veggies so this is a good way for me to get those veggie nutrients.

We got back from Disney World on Tuesday! It was so fun, I just love going there, & I was so sad to leave. That place just makes you happy. Magic Kingdom is my favorite of course, & we went to Hollywood Studios & Epcot as well. Here are a couple pictures.

Beautiful Cinderella Castle

Joshie & I in front of the Epcot ball

The Disney princesses dancing around in front of the castle

That's all for now. Josh & I are going to take Sage to the dog park then get Enchanted to watch! & tomorrow is our annual fun day... I'll tell you about it next week!



Julie said...

So fun! I LOVE Disney World! =) Yall are soooo cute!!!!!

Jennifer Bacak said...

Love the Disney pics! Cool!