Wednesday, February 13, 2008

food is yum-may

I like the Ellen show. If I'm at home at 3 during the week it is guaranteed to be turned on (altho that channel is the worst with the bunny ears, so mainly I'm listening more than watching). So it's on & she was just talking about foods she likes & doesn't like. So NATURALLY I feel inclined to tell you mine, because, why not?

-breakfast tacos (with salsa, I used to hate salsa, now I like it!)
-peaches (dewormed)
-bread... all kinds... white... wheat... multigrain... pumpkin... cinnamon raisin... lemon... focaccia... ciabatta... Panera......

ok so that list could go on for a while. But my dislikes list is pretty specific.

-lemon in my water
-hot spicy foods
-iced tea
-moldy cheeses

Is it bad that half of those are vegetables?



kristin said...

your dislikes list is pretty depressing except for the moldy cheese.

kristin said...

oh p.s. in relation to your last post, we now have a pet lizard, it lives in a pretty swanky glass box with fake greenery and a heat lamp. it's name is sammie. it was not my idea or doing.

Rob & Jen said...

I like this post...I might have to copy it someday b/c I share a love for food. Oh and I was excited to see our blog on your right hand side column- thanks!