Friday, June 22, 2007

oh yeah

Josh & I recently decided on the four worst date movies we have ever seen (& seriously regretted seeing). Here they are in no particular order-

1. A Lot Like Love (unhappy, real life ending - who wants to pay money to see failed relationships?)
2. Catch & Release (we didn't feel happy feelings toward any of the characters - & the introductory scene totally started off the movie in a disgusting way)
3. Because I Said So (this is the dirtiest movie I think I have ever seen)
4. In Good Company (stinkin real life endings!)

You were warned!

(On the positive side of things, we did see Ocean's 13 & liked it - not as good at 11 but better than 12. I have also read that Evan Almighty should actually be a good & clean movie... hmm.)


P.S. This is not the "I'll write more next time" time.


kristin said...

Evan Alimighty is really good & really funny!

Kelsy said...

see hooked up and i think you will change your mind about the whole "dirtiest movie ever".

so what i'm really saying is...don't see it.

my point? i'm unsure really..