Thursday, September 6, 2007


Yes, that's right. Oreos. on pizza. Why hasn't anyone thought of this before??? Domino's = genius. Josh is at the church softball league practice & I'm really hoping we won't have time to cook dinner... therefore... calorie-laden goodness.

So I should probably have some really good news about a week from now... so you'll have to check back then to find out. (& no, we're not pregnant. Not pregnant.)

Last weekend we went to a wedding in Midland & it was a lot of fun. A lot of the original families from the beginnings of our church were there, so it was really good to see people, catch up, & do some cake-eating & dancing. Some family friends of ours adopted a Chinese girl about four years ago. She's now seven & stinkin adorable. She is "High School Musical's biggest fan" & was doing scenes & quotes from the movies & quizzing me on the characters' real life names. I wanted to stick her in my purse & take her with me!! We would so adopt a Chinese baby... unfortunately, you can get about six brown babies for the price of one Chinese baby. But that's okay. One or two brown babies will be so great. :-) (Jenn, people laugh at us when we say "brown" baby... & here I thought it made perfect sense! Part black... equals brown. Duh.)

Our Aggie friends Brandon & Jessica are coming in this weekend to hang out & go to Schlitterbahn... they should be here in a couple hours. It should prove to be a good time!

That's all we got! Thanks for visiting!



kristin said...

when we were at your shower at the weatherl's I considered ways I could steal her without anyone finding out. she's so adorable.

The Dodds said...

1. Who got married!? 2. Tyler will pass out about the oreo pizza thing! I will have to surprise him with that sometime!

Jennifer Bacak said...

I have no idea what you're talking about...oreos on pizza. That really warrants further discussion. You're talking jibberish to me.
Also, just tell people, THEY ARE BROWN! When you take a crayon to color them in a picture, you choose a brown crayon. I started calling kids brown because that's how kids describe them, and kids don't make-up fancy racial tags for them. So that's what they are. Justus is more cafe mocha, and Treston is kind of caramel, but brown, nonetheless.
I'll check back in for exciting news???

BrunerAbroad said...

Exciting news?? Eh? I'm intrigued...

I want little brown babies too. =)