Friday, August 31, 2007

I made a Stoup!

As requested by Jenn, here are some pictures from the weekend (I have no idea how to do a slideshow so they're just normal!)

The girls before a day on the lake

The whole Aggie gang! Haley & I on the tube
Happy birthday to Ryan!

Jet ski day!

Now for the stoup! I made a stoup (a stew-like soup, according to Rachael Ray) a couple nights ago that is very yummy! I stole the ingredients from a friend here & created my own version that turned out pretty well, so here's the recipe!

3 boxes of chicken broth
1 med. can of tomato paste
1 package of tortellini
1 package of sausage
1 small package of baby carrots (you can use real ones but I realized I didn't have a carrot grater!)
4 leeks

Mix broth & tomato paste in a large saucepan
Chop carrots & leeks & add to soup
Bring soup to a simmer
Cook sausage separately in a saucer & set aside
Bring soup to a boil then add tortellini until fully cooked
Bring soup back to simmer
Add sausage, continue to simmer as long as desired (the soup tastes better if the flavors have a chance to mix)

I also bought the HEB bread that is frozen (multigrain is really good) & fixed that with butter that I added cinnamon to... yum. You could substitute potatoes in for the tortellini & I think it would still be really good. & FYI, this recipe makes a LOT of soup!!

This meal is really filling & yummy!



The Dodds said...

That IS a lot of soup! 3 boxes of chicken broth... I wonder if you could freeze it then reheat? Probably so, esp. if you used potatoes instead of tortellini... but that is sad because tortellini is so good. I will try this!! This comment is long, I am sorry! :)

The Dodds said...

hahahahahahaha... I just remembered something!!!!! Do you remember the time when we were at the "senior high retreat" at the lake in San Angelo, and Josh and I almost died on the jet ski!? He turned too quickly and we both flew off and we came up out of the water and couldn't find the jet ski!! It was so far away and we had to swim to it! hahaha... hahaha... I am laughing out loud.