Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's taco salad night!

You'd think with this whole "no job" thing, I'd update this more often.

Apparently not.

Okay, I have a very important question. I have asked this question several times, but have forgotten each time, but now it is unavoidable. I now have a last name that ends in "s". Darn. So, how do you put it - the Roberts's, the Roberts', the Robertssssssss? (Mainly the first two choices are the source of my confusion.) Is it the first one? I even asked Josh like a month ago, & he told me, & I still forgot. Jeepers.

I really have had things to say, but I've just not sat down to write them.

We have some new friends we're really excited about. There is this couple, Brad & Haley, that we knew in college - he was my Impact leader, she lived in the same apartment building as me, they went to our church. We always small-chatted but never hung out. Well, at Matt & Erin's wedding, we found out they were moving here. So they have been going to our church & we have hung out as couples twice, & I have hung out with Haley several times. What fun! We are so thankful for like-minded friends that are also goobery like we are. :-)

There has been some interesting stuff going on lately that I may or may not blog about. But overall it has been good, because Josh & I have been challenged & have grown to know the Lord more intimately & have become more aware of His power & the things He does that make us stand in awe of Him. It's good stuff.

We are so glad to finally both be back in San Antonio - actually LIVING here!! It's great. We are falling into our routine (we both love our routine you know), & Josh is enjoying finally being in the office & learning more about the things he will actually be doing for his job. & we are especially glad to be spending time with people, making new friends & strengthening the friendships we have made in the past three months. God is good.

Should you pray for us, please pray that I would continue to be content where the Lord has me & that I would trust & be patient on Him. His timing is never wrong, & I know He has something for me, I just don't know what or when. & right now that is okay with me, & I am so thankful to have a husband that prays for me & trusts what I hear from the Lord, which right now is "wait." So we wait!

Josh & I have been getting into green tea. The hot kind, like the kind you get at Chinese food restaurants. Isn't that fun? I might get some tonight at Starbucks.

Check out the Dodds'ssssssss blog - I'm super excited Bailey started blogging, & maybe if I plug her blog then she'll update often. :-)



kristin said...

I get grren tea practically every time at starbucks and its a grind, welcome to the club!

The Dodds said...

DODDS' and ROBERTS' tee hee I totally understand!!!!!!!!!!

BrunerAbroad said...

I read a book about punctuation called "Eats, shoots, and leaves: the zero tolerance approach to punctuation." It was one of my favorite books of all time - no lie. And it's Roberts'. =)