Friday, August 10, 2007

I am a blogging fool!

What a productive day I have had!

I went to the bank to get my new debit card sent since the first one got lost or something, checked out the sale at Kohl's (but bought nothing, oh well), ate some salad, did three loads of laundry, took out the trash, cleaned the toilets, dusted, & I think I might just vacuum!

Josh has driven through three states & is now sitting in an airport. Poor Joshie.

I'm pretty excited about this weekend! Of course I'm glad because Josh is coming home to break up his two weeks in the... state next to the Peach State. But we are going to have a home-cooked meal tonight & watch High School Musical! Neither of us have seen it & we want to see what the big deal is with this movie!

Then tomorrow I am going to Ranelle's baby shower & hopefully Josh & I will be able to hang out with some of our new friends since we haven't been seeing too much of them.

Sunday we start working in the Sunday School at church!! We are going to be shepherds for (most likely) fourth graders, which means we won't be doing the teaching, but our role is more relational. I'm really excited about it! We have a training meeting before church then start that day, & we will be in there every other week since there is only one service. Yay! Thank the Lord for an amazing church to get involved in & start serving so quickly!

Next week I'm staying here. I'm planning on hanging out with a couple friends, hopefully getting a new social security card, & probably some car maintenance - wash, oil change, new brakes. It shouldn't be too bad of a week... our LAST week with Josh out of town!!! Wahoo!

Yay for life getting going in San Antonio!


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