Friday, September 28, 2007

Is it fall yet??

October is in 3 measley days!! Isn't it time for cool weather, jeans without sweating, light jackets in the evening? I can't wait!

Josh & I went to Dillard's last weekend & got pretty lucky... I'm not sure if the whole store has great deals but I got a pair of jean capris (finally!), regular $64, got them for $16!, & Josh got some work shirts that were regular $30 each, got them for $7.50. So you might should check out Dillard's.

I'm dying my hair again next week! Maybe I'll put up a picture.

The new Thousand Foot Krutch CD is out!! I just became aware of this. Hopefully I can buy it soon. :-)

This entry is very random & quite pointless.

Who reads this blog anyways? I know Kristin, Bailey, Jenn, & Erin do because they leave comments... I know Ashley does because she told me, & of course my mom does... who else is out there?

Josh & I have been looking around our area & searching the internet to find out what kind of house we might be able to get. We are hoping to move into a house at the beginning of the year, so we're slowly (& still casually) looking at our options. It's crazy, & houses are so expensive. I'm praying that the Lord will provide our perfect home, a place that will be safe & feel like our home, & that we will simply be thankful that He is providing this for us.

That's about all the exciting news I have. Next time I update it WILL be October! Yay!



BrunerAbroad said...

I still read your blog. =) Not as regularly as I would like b/c I've been super busy with very limited internet access lately, but I try to catch up whenever I can (such as lazy Saturdays like today)!!

I'm going to be back in Texas soon - only briefly. I'll be on CS the weekend of the 6th - I wish I could see you! But I'll at least call you. =)

Jenna said...

I read it and now I'm a blogger too!

Kelsy said...

i read it when i remember :)