Thursday, October 4, 2007

I like October

Something about the word "October" invokes thoughts of crisp cool air, leaves crunching under my feet, driving with the sunroof open & opening the balcony door at home - the beginning of fall. I think perhaps fall is my favorite season. I'm really looking forward to it being cool enough that I can run outside in the mornings instead of go to the gym.

Unfortunately there is no sign of the weather getting below 90 degrees in the next week. Poo.

I dyed my hair. I thought it looked great. I loved the color. Then Josh got home & informed me that the hair in the back of my head didn't all get colored. So I have splotches of my light brown hair from behind. I tried washing it to get it to fade so now I don't like the color either & you can still see the splotches. I happen to have a friend that is a hair stylist & I have high hopes for her being able to help me. Needless to say, you won't be seeing a picture!

I'm reading through a chronological Bible & I'm currently reading about Moses talking to the Israelites & yesterday I read a verse that sums up what God is teaching me & what I am watching & waiting for Him to do in this time -

"To you it was shown that you might know that the Lord, He is God; there is no other besides Him." (Deuteronomy 4:35)

I think I've mentioned how Josh & I have been challenged at our church in ways that we had not been in the past two churches we have been part of. One way is that I have seen that God wants to do cool & supernatural things in our lives - just to show how cool HE is! He wants to do things that make us stand in awe of Him & praise Him because He gives good things to those who love Him! He wants to lead you to pray for something, then give it to you, just to prove that He is faithful. He wants to give you a vision of something, then bring it to pass, to show that He keeps His promises. He wants us to think about how COOL He is! I now pray for specific things that I feel led to pray for because I can then watch for God to work & recognize that He really is orchestrating the things I hand to Him (which should be everything, I remind myself). For example, we will soon be looking at houses & seeking the Lord on where He wants us in that regard. I am praying that God is already working in the hearts of the owners of our future house, to plan on moving on the exact date they need to so we can move in when God wants us to, that we will walk into our future home & know that it is ours, that we will know His immediate confidence & peace at that moment. God is not a god of confusion! I'm looking forward to the home-buying experience because I know God has it all laid out, all we have to do is walk in it (figuratively speaking, but it works literally too :-) )!

I think everything I've just written probably is something I have heard before, but it is now real in my life because I've seen Him work & make this truth real in my heart. God just really does cool things when we let Him, & when we open our eyes enough to see!

Josh & I are really enjoying learning about new characteristics of our God that He is choosing to reveal to us in this time of our lives. :-)

I made a macaroni bake yesterday that I got off the Campbell's recipe website. You should check it out if you never have; there are some good & easy recipes there, & what I fixed yesterday was pretty yummy - Josh asked if I could make about a hundred times more of it next time because he could eat it for several days.

Oh, this past weekend we visited College Station, & it was a lot of fun. We got to see some of our close friends & visit Living Hope. A weekend isn't long enough, so I'm looking forward to next time too. :-)

Today feels like Friday. It's not though. (I've had this thought at least three times today.)


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kristin said...

I love driving with the sunroof open too and I did today while it was cool before it got up to 97 stinkin degrees!