Sunday, October 21, 2007

We got a house!

Yay! Last week we put a contract on a house & the inspection went well, so looks like everything is good to go! We close in November! We're so excited to have a house & everything that comes with it - lots of painting, bits & pieces of remodeling (not too much, the house is in great shape), having lots of people over all the time, living in a neighborhood, getting a DOG! It's going to be fun. Basically we're just excited. :-)

Okay there are two commercials that I just love these days! The first one is the Jeep commercial with the guy & the singing squirrel, birds & wolf. So cute! I wish I had a squirrel to ride around in the car with me. The other one is the car commercial with the girl running down the street & she runs into the car & they advertise for a "car to notice" or whatever, then another commercial plays, then they come back to this girl getting off the ground then running into it again. Hilarious!

You know what I realized soon after we started talking about moving? I have to start packing. Oh boy!

WHOA! I knew it was supposed to get cool tomorrow, but the high is FIFTY EIGHT!!!!! Goodness!! That's jacket weather!! It's supposed to be in the 70's after that. Brrrr!!!

Okay bye!



kristin said...

I know exactly which jeep commercial you're talking about and we thought it was cute at first too (a group of us were here watching the game last weekend and it came on quite a few times), then that wolf just falls out of the sky and it was kind of creepy. I mean I can understand where the birds and the squirrel came from, but what was the wolf doing, just flying around up there? Anyway, glad you like it though!

Jenna said...

The house looks like such a great house! I can't believe that you are getting your own home!

The Dodds said...

I want to come help paint!!!!

Travis Mitchell said...

I, for one, am pumped for you guys!

Ali said...

Congratulations on the house! Packing can be so much fun! Putting everything in order and in boxes and then color coding and labeling the boxes. Oh you're in for a fun road ahead!