Friday, October 5, 2007

I eat Bugs

So I really like peaches. I like the fruit, I like peach flavored things, I like the smell of peaches. Peachy peach peach. Every time I go to the grocery store I buy two or three peaches & they are eaten in a couple days. Every time.

I was just eating my peach, happy me, when I bit down to the seed, &





I want to throw up. I want to throw peaches as far as I can hurl them.

Where did this worm even come from?! Was it born in the peach? Did it make a hole from the outside of the peach that I somehow missed? Even worse...

How many worms have I eaten without knowing it???????????????

I'm so terribly grossed out right now.


The Roberts' said...

Two second later update: I was freaking out about having to quit cold turkey with my peach fetish, but realized I could probably cut them up & make sure they are worm-free from now on. Phew.

I still want to puke.

The Dodds said...

That happened to me one time while peeling a potato. Granted, the worm was not close to my mouth... AT ALL. But I actually did throw the potato across the room. It frightened me. After disposing of the worm... I noticed the hole. UCK. I feel your disgust.

BrunerAbroad said...

In China they have these really yummy berries that are about the size of really fat blackberries, and one night at dinner our whole group was eating them when someone noticed SEVERAL tiny little worms in her berry. She passed the word down and after inspecting the berries, we found that all of them had these tiny little worms in them. We had all eaten several berries and thus many worms. We didn't get sick though, so that was good. =)

Ryne Wilson said...

James and the Giant Peach!

Anonymous said...

sick. I don't like worms. Or anything that crawls really...Good luck bringing peaches back into your diet. I'm glad I found your blog! Miss y'all!