Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A glimpse of fall!

It is beautiful today! It was rainy this morning & has been cloudy all day, which I don't mind clouds, & it is currently 69 degrees outside - wonderful!! Of course it is supposed to bump back up to the 90s tomorrow. But for TODAY, I have been driving around with my windows open, blaring Anberlin... oh so great.

I forgot to tell you people something very important - we now have a Panera Bread!!! AHH! It opened a couple of weeks ago & I went twice in a span of three days. I was totally bummed that my strawberry salad is no longer there... but oh my... the cinnamon crunch bagels... yummmmm! I'm super excited about this. :-)

I did some work today at one of the coffee shops the church staff frequents (free wireless!), & listened to some http://www.kvrk.com/ mostamazingchristianrockever, & it was great. With great weather. YA!

So great. (Ring any bells Bailey? "sooooo GREAT!")


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The Dodds said...

Oh golly, so great... Those are such silly/awkward/super fun memories.