Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's so pretty outside!

Sorry I've been a slight loser & haven't posted in over a week. I thought about it several times, if that makes it any better!

This weekend Josh & I went to College Station again, our second planned trip for the semester. He got to spend lots of time with Zac & see many BCA guys at the reunion, & I got to spend time with Paige & Kristin & have breakfast with my covenant group girls. Oh how I miss those relationships being in the same town. I wish everyone would move to SA. That would make me a really happy person.

I have been bitten by the photography bug. Josh & I want a nice SLR camera for Christmas & I have been researching them & getting really excited about learning about photography & slowly becoming good at it & being able to take pictures of our family & on vacations that can hang on our walls to not only represent memories but be really beautiful too! Plus it will be great to finally have a hobby since Josh has about 23 of them. & of course the blog will be a great place to post my pictures! Stay tuned!

For those of you that don't know yet, my parents are moving to Austin! My dad has been planning on quitting his job for a while, & finally the time came, & they decided to try something new - like living in a pretty town! They decided on a house over a month ago & will move in in the next couple of weeks. & they will be only an hour & a half away! We're excited.

There is a lot to be excited about these days!


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