Thursday, April 17, 2008

Knees & cars & Jesus

I guess I could update.....

So much has been going on I don't even know where to start.

Well, some of you know my knees have been hurting for about 7 months or so. I kept thinking they would get better, especially since I have not worked out in about a month, but they have only gotten worse. I finally got to the doctor (I hate going to the doctor) & he rattled off a long name, described as "premature arthritis." (After googling, I think the long name he said is Chondromalacia Patella.) He gave me things to do to try to lessen the pain & strengthen my muscles around my knee, & a supplement to take, so we'll see if it helps. I have to go back in 3 months. Hopefully it will get better....

We traded my SUV in for a car on Saturday. God used the experience to show me what a brat I am. After lots of praying & talking we decided that it was wise to get a car, since the car (a Corolla) will last forever & gets MUCH MUCH better gas mileage, & since we travel a lot that will save us a lot of money. I liked my SUV, with the sunroof & butt-warmers & premium sound system, but my upset-ness was very selfish & once I realized what a snob I was, I was thankful that God has provided so much for us. Isn't it all too easy to get caught up in what we "want" & holding on to possessions? God is loosening my grip on "things" - they don't matter! Jesus matters! Maybe one day my thoughts & actions will actually reflect that fact...

I'm reading The Mark of the Lion series again since my book club is reading it (I totally recommend the series by the way!). The main character is a Christian among Romans, & Christians were killed by Romans just for being Christians, so she feels like she has to hide her faith. But some of the other characters mention that they see something different about her, a peace, a gentleness, that they want. & you hear that all the time, people saying that before they came to know Jesus, they knew a person that "had something they didn't have." What I've been wondering is, is that in me? Do people see in me a peace & a light & a joy that isn't man made? Does the barista at Starbucks, the checker at the grocery store, the vet notice something different about me? I hope so. I'm seeking the Lord about this, because I want it. I want people to see Him when they see me. I'm so flawed, so human, but God is teaching me that He wants to use me anyway. I don't have to be perfect first. That is hard for me to accept, but I pray that He uses me.

I think it's time for some cinnamon toast & coffee. Yum.



kristin said...

thats sad/great about your car, I feel like a chunk of memories just got traded in with it though. but I am so happy you both are being so obedient and wise about everything so far, I'm learning so much from y'alls example about doing the hard unselfish things. I'm calling you soon.

Jennifer Bacak said...

I love that book series! I read it years ago. Francine Rivers is amazing. Everything she writes is like gold to me.
Isn't the main character you're talking about named Hadassah? I want to read those again.
I just finished "Leota's Garden" by her, and it has hit way too close to home with what's been happenning in my own life. You can check my blog and see it. But I recommend that one as well.
Miss you guys!!!

The Roberts' said...

yep, Hadassah. I read them a couple yrs ago, it was definitely time to read them again. i will read that book you recommend!