Wednesday, March 25, 2009

...I guess I could blog...

I got done with my work for today, with nothing else on my agenda. What a nice feeling! I haven't had much free time recently. It's cloudy out, with possible showers, so it's a nice day to stay inside.

So about our cruise. We went on a four-night cruise to Cozumel on Carnival Ecstasy. Here's a summary for you:

The boat: it was huge, & nice & clean. It had an atrium area where everything stemmed from, like the dining, the lido deck (pool), the lounges, the row of bars/clubs, etc. The rooms were small but nice. I could not get over the bathrooms. They smelled funny (not bad, just funny, prob b/c they were lined with blue plastic stuff) & the turbo toilets sounded like they were leaving for the moon when you flushed them. I was very glad to get back to our big bathroom with fairly quiet toilet! I could feel the boat moving the whole time, & had to take several Dramamine & had trouble eating the first two nights. Until about 2 days ago I still felt like I was swaying/dizzy/disoriented. But it's over now, YAY.

The food: yum. We didn't stuff ourselves, but we did have desserts every night! They have really upscale food. I loved the lobster, & Josh one night got braised short ribs that were amazing. Most of the menu changes every night so you have different things to choose from.

The days on the boat: the first day we just laid out on the boat & hung out. Even tho it was in the 40's & rainy when we left Galveston, it was sunny & warm that next morning in the gulf. The second (& last) day on the boat, we slept in, played putt-putt with new SA friends from our dining table, went to the Newlywed Show (live version with people on the boat), etc. We did not participate in most of the night activities b/c some were raunchy. We did go to one (clean) comedy show & a song & dance show.

The day at Cozumel: we went to a beach park & laid out, hung out in the ocean (BEAUTIFUL water), went on the paddle boats, laid in hammocks, ate, you get the idea. Then we did some shopping (just for a couple souvenirs) before the boat left. It was really pretty there. But we're not huge beach people so it was okay that we didn't spend more time there.

The overall experience: we enjoyed ourselves, & we were glad we got to go on a cruise together (he had been before but I hadn't) but we probably won't go on another one. We just prefer a different type of vacation, more like our honeymoon, where we stay in a really nice room that we can hang out in, towns we can explore, etc. We also didn't feel like it was an "us" vacation because you're pretty much with people all the time, & at dinner you are talking to the people at your table, which obviously isn't bad, we made friends, but it's not a time you spend together. But it was good to get away from work & the daily grind, enjoy some pretty ocean views, & relax a bit.

I leave you with a picture of Ned the Traveling Cow in Cozumel:


kristin said...

Oh yes, the blue bathrooms and blast-off toilet, guess I could have mentioned that. Your trips sounds exactly how I felt like about our cruise, eh, ok for a one time trip but not a memorable vacation, more of just, we want to get away for a few days. Glad nothing went bad though!

Whitney said...

Very interesting! I've never been on a cruise, and besides maybe doing a Disney cruise with the kids in a few years, I really haven't had the desire to do one either. This just confirms that! I don't like having to talk to people when I'm on vacation! :)

Becky and Patrick said...

very good to hear. i had been up in the air about cruises, and leaning towards not being interested. and i am TOTALLY a beach person. so i think i will stick with a condo we can hang out in and lots of time on the beach.

glad you got some time away though!