Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shredding & Italy!

I don't get much done when I'm not busy. My to-do list is small this week, so somehow I end up being really good at pushing things off to another day. I should get everything done then enjoy my rare spare time. Hmm. Maybe tomorrow.

Update on my shreddage: I'm seeing lots of new definition in my arms! I have never had much upper-body strength, it's all in my legs, so I'm enjoying these new biceps that have arrived! Also yesterday was the first day I was able to complete the whole workout without stopping or putting down the weights. Yay for strength & endurance! I got my mom & sister doing it too, & did the workout today with Haley. The shred has spread.

We leave for Italy soon...! I need to start getting things together. I'm looking forward to seeing amazing sights (especially the Roman ruins, & thinking of the Christians Paul was writing to... so cool), drinking some yummy Italian coffee (I was reading that they don't drink cappuccinos after lunch, so if you order it you scream TOURIST... as if we won't already do that), & of course eating Italian food! We should do enough walking that we won't come back looking like blimps. Just kidding... even on vacation I need to keep my mind on Jesus & what He would have me eat. Luckily I have a built-in accountability partner, & Josh will be able to keep me in check.

I took an architectural history class my senior year & learned about a lot of the buildings & churches we will see over there... bummer that I don't remember much at all. Nor did we have a book in that class.

Anyone reading this been to Italy &/or have some tips???


Becky and Patrick said...

Been to Italy. I love "Italian" food and it turns out theirs is way different than ours! You have to have to have to eat gellato every given chance. Dang it. I just realized you blogged about eating healthier and I suggested Italian ice cream. I think I ate it twice a day. It's crazy good. And there's tons of night life there, lots of street entertainment to walk around and see at night. Heads up... I saw several people pee on walls in public so some places just smell like urine. :-) You will have SO much fun! It's beautiful!

Whitney said...

I'm so excited for you! The history major in me is the most excited... when I'm at places like that I literally am overwhelmed by the sense of everything that has taken place there... and there's so much!
Just enjoy the experience; soak it in.
Oh, and funny, I was going to mention the cappucino thing! Glad you found that out before hand!

Anonymous said...