Thursday, October 8, 2009


Monday night Josh & I went to a concert! Not many bands of mine come to San Antonio, I usually have to drive to Dallas or Houston, so it was exciting that Mae came to SA Monday, we just had to go. The concert didn't start until 8, & three bands opened for Mae so I knew it was going to be a late night, so we headed to Starbucks first & sat & chatted for a while. That alone was a lot of fun too, we need to do that more often.

We didn't know any of the opening bands so we listened half-heartedly, then after the second band we headed outside where the merchandise was. We were standing at the table checking things out & the lead singer of the band that had just played, Deas Vail, walked up & started chatting with us, until we realized some actual fans wanted a picture so we headed off, then ended up talking to the bass player. We eventually realized he was a believer so the conversation became meaningful. He told us about their band & their ministry. They are not a "Christian band" but they are all believers that want to make music & travel to minister to the bands they perform with. He shared some stories & Josh & I were so encouraged by his heart, & were able to encourage him by letting him know we could tell he & the lead singer were believers before he even said anything. Don't you love that? The Holy Spirit in us makes us aware when we are talking to someone else with the Holy Spirit... cool! I also loved that we were able to talk to him & will probably never see him again on earth, but we will pray for him & the band, & will see them in heaven! Anyways it was a very encouraging, uplifting conversation & you should check that band out! Deas Vail, which means Servant of God (Deas is Latin, & Vail is old French, I believe).

It was fun to see Mae perform. You know how you listen to a voice for so long, either in a band or on the radio, & then you eventually see the face that goes with the voice, & sometimes it matches up to you, & sometimes it doesn't? It didn't match up to me. Mae has come on my ipod a few times since then & I think of the lead singer's face, & it is still funny.

Anyhow, it was a pretty small showing, probably about 100 people in a fairly small venue, so we were comfortably 10 feet from the stage. That being said, it was weird because Josh & I both made eye contact with the lead singer several times - usually when you see a band they don't see you too! Josh said he felt bad because he wasn't singing along since he didn't know the words, & he was caught.

& we were out until 12:30! Can you believe it, us old fogies? We were super tired the next day. But it was worth it! A fun night.

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