Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year! We had a great night last night with two couples that are great friends to us, the Smiths & the Sandlins. We chatted & played a (very long!) game of Cranium - it kept us there until past 1:30 in the morning! I may not have been my most pleasant self, but hey, I made it, right? The Smiths are moving soon, which is terribly sad because we treasure their friendship, so we are enjoying every bit of time we get to spend with them.

So we have slept in, had coffee & breakfast, & Josh took down our Christmas lights & is now watching a bowl game. We spent some time in the Word as we had our coffee, & I don't know about you, but every time the old year passes & a new one comes, I consider the past & wonder about the future. God often teaches me things in seasons, & I have seen this in every year we've been married - May 2007-Dec 2007 was a period of starting our new life here, making friends, & learning how God desired us to serve Him as a married couple in the "real world." 2008 was a year of learning how to be married - communication, dealing with conflict, & specifically for us, helping each other out of grumpy moods instead of both ending up grumpy & having dumb arguments. 2009 was a year of enjoyment, really - we had three great vacations & continued to learn how to walk through life together, pursuing the Lord in the things He has given us to do in our daily lives. & within those past 2 1/2 yrs, the Lord has used this time to teach me & grow me immensely, with lots of lessons & lots of time in His Word, & I'm so thankful for this season.

So I ponder 2010 - what will it look like? What will the Lord teach us? How will we grow individually as well as a couple? What fun things will we do, & what trials will we encounter? What new ways will the Lord reveal Himself to me? Where will my faith grow, & what new truths will I really grasp? I have no idea. So I have been praying that the Lord would prepare us for the things that will come our way, that He will continue to transform us into people that truly please Him, that we will rejoice in every situation & keep our hearts solely on Him.

This morning I was led to dedicate this year to the Lord - it is His year to do with it what He will. We will go where He leads, & in every circumstance I will choose to say, it is well with my soul!

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TheHaleySmith said...

If you weren't such a loser, we could have had game night part II tonight :)