Saturday, March 27, 2010

Beautiful day!!

Josh & I had a fun day today!

We slept in a while, got cleaned up, ate some lunch while watching infomercials & talking about how someone would have to be crazy to spend so much money on such a thing, then headed outside to do some yard work. The weather is AWESOME these days, in the 70's with the occasional day of rain. (Sidenote: the wildflowers are in full bloom too; I love seeing ALL the bluebonnets, as well as the pretty red, pink, purple, & yellow flowers growing with all the GREEN... so pretty.) Josh did some mowing & pulling weeds while I trimmed bushes in the front & back. It was nice to just spend time outside being productive - I'm glad we had a free Saturday that was also so nice out!

Then we headed to Best Buy & bought The Blindside (in our opinions, a must-own) as well as a fun DVD pack of 4 Hugh Grant movies, including Two Weeks Notice, Music & Lyrics, & Mickey Blue Eyes, for $9.99!! What a great deal! So, we'll be watching a movie tonight!

Then we got smoothies & walked (remember, great weather) over to Target & browsed there, mainly in the kids' toy section, because that's how we roll. I showed him toys that I played with as a kid (like Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, & big buckets of chalk). They have these vintage Barbies out now; there were a couple from 1965, 1985, & some other year, so I was able to show him the progression of Barbie & what she looked like when I played with her... not so glam. We decided our girl(s) can't play with Barbie because she wears not modest clothing. Bummer.

After a quick run to the Heeb (HEB, that is), we are home for the rest of the evening. I may have to think of another reason to go outside, though....

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The Dodds said...

We totally bought a bucket of chalk the other day... AND... we were also recently appalled by Barbies. I was shocked by how scandally clad dressed they were!! Love you!!