Friday, April 30, 2010

a craving outing

I really have not had many cravings; mostly aversions, so I eat whatever doesn't make me feel nauseous to think about. But, I have craved watermelon consistently, & I found a juice that I like that Josh went to buy for me one day after work because I had checked two stores & hadn't found it, so he took care of me. But last night was the first time that I really wanted something random, that I wanted immediately: a snow cone.

I googled & searched & apparently San Antonio is a snow cone desert. This was a PROBLEM; I needed that snow cone. So after I texted a friend who I knew loved snow cones, I found out that some HEBs have snow cone stands in front, so Josh oh-so-kindly called one to make sure, & we headed out there. When we got there & walked up, there was another largely pregnant woman, as well as her sister who had given birth 3 weeks ago, in line in front of us, so we got to chat pregnancy. Josh thought it was hilarious that another pregnant woman was buying a snow cone since this was the first time he'd taken me somewhere to fulfill a craving.

This place was no Bahama Bucks, but they had lots of flavor options: I got tiger's blood & Josh got coconut cream pie (yum, I'll have to get that next time). We'll definitely be going back. Lucky for me, it's open any day that it's over 70 degrees, so that will easily be through the rest of my pregnancy.

We sat out in the Adirondack chairs in front of HEB & ate our snow cones. It was a nice evening. :-)


The Dodds said...

that is so much fun!! i craved rasberry lemonade. oh my. and blueberries. random. isn't it the craziest thing!? Happy to know you are doing so well!

Molly Swanson said...

this is all so exciting!!! :)

Claire said...

I love hearing about you stories, makes me feel like we are just sitting at Sweet's catching up .