Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Quick update!

Oh my, I have been horrible at updating this thing. If you still read this, way to go you, & my apologies for being a blogging loser!

Elliot is 8 weeks old as of yesterday. He has gotten so big already (almost 13 lbs & 23.5 inches). He smiles lots at me & Josh & occasionally at other people. He sleeps from about 10pm - 7/8am, & usually wakes up every 4 hrs, but a couple times has gone 6ish hours, which was awesome! He is content & happy most of the time, unless he's tired, & he's not a huge fan of being in his carseat unless he's sleeping so he can get fussy then too.

I am loving cloth diapering! He's getting to the size that the one-size pocket diapers I have are starting to fit, which is fun because I have so many cute ones! I think I'm going to prefer them over the other types, though only time will tell. Up until this point, we have been using prefolds & covers, which is more the old-school type of diaper, but I must say, they hold in those pees & poops - I have only had one poo leak!

I have been busy lately - besides the normal feeding/changing/holding Elliot, we have had a lot of appointments (thrush/mastitis - yuck :-( ) & have been doing Christmasy things, which explains the lack of blogging! My house has taken a definite hit to my busyness, & I'm working on it. We are falling into a more predictable schedule & I know life will slow down soon. Plus, it's so hard to be "productive" when I would much rather just hold my baby! So we are working out that balance. I am also inching back into work; I have been so blessed to have been able to take this much time off. I am thankful to work for an amazing group of people who value the role of a mother! & so thankful to be able to work part-time from home so I can still be with Elliot.

Okay, time to go check things off that pesky to-do list!

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The Haley Smith said...

Now is when you should start posting pictures on the blog -- at my request! :)