Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh how He loves us!

Wow... I didn't think when I wrote that last blog post, that hundreds of people would read it! My friend Heather works for VOM, & sent my blog along to the newsletter department because they had received so much negative feedback from that picture I wrote about. & somehow it ended up on their facebook page!

This was a huge blessing to me... last night, I met with the woman who is discipling me, & I was explaining that yes, I find much eternal purpose in being a wife & a mom, but sometimes I wonder how the Lord wants to use me outside of that. I believe that He does, but sometimes I don't see it. I mentioned that sometimes I feel like a failure, because I don't have this certain character trait or that natural ability. But the Lord revealed to me through this, that He can use me right where I am. A simple wife & mom, blogging about our boring lives & occasionally about what Jesus is teaching me - He can use something like that for His glory & for the encouragement of the saints. Amazing! I am so thankful for that word from Him. Continue in the way that the Spirit leads me, & He will use me, as the part of the Body that I am.

I love when He chooses to show us... "I do love you... you are valuable... & significant in My plan..."

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