Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm. So.


Elliot is sleeping so well at night (he was sleeping completely through the night, but now most nights he wakes up once in between 4-6 am to eat, which I'm okay with since he could stand to gain a little weight), so it's certainly not that I'm not getting enough sleep. But I seriously feel like I could sleep for days. &/or that I need a coffee IV hooked up to me, pole & everything. & I'm not one of those coffee addicts who jokes about "needing their coffee," but seriously... so tired. I was talking to a woman at church the other week about it, & she said that I need these 9 months post-partum to get back to my normal self. That my body needs that time to recover. Well, that makes sense! I have been walking around thinking I should be completely back to normal now. Heck, I thought I'd be back to my regular routine 2 weeks after delivery (psshh!! not sure where I got that idea). She had a baby 10 months ago & is just now feeling normal again. Phew, okay, so there are better days ahead!

Oh, & don't joke about how I'm going to be tired for the next 18 years, or that I'll have a messy house for the next 18 years, or that I have forever lost my brain. My mom managed to be a mom & volunteer for a million organizations when I was a kid, as well as keep our house tidy & cook dinner without seeming to go insane, so I know it can be done!

Maybe I should write a "Things You Should Not Feel Free to Ask, Say, or Advise People in Regard to Parenting" post. (For my "TYSNFFTASOAPIRT Pregnancy & Babies" post, see here.) Hmm, there's a thought....

K, baby's awake, gotta go! :-)


Molly Swanson said...

hang in there Courtney! You're dong great! ..YES another post like that would be AMAZING!

HB said...

Hey Courtney! I think the lady you talked to is SOOO correct-from my own experience on this journey. Your body is just trying to catch up, get back to normal, HEAL...yet provide nourishment for that sweet baby. So, yes, there are less tired days ahead....and ohhhh the joy, right?!

Also, I've wanted to comment to you 100 times on your pictures..You look AWESOME. I saw a picture of you recently and couldn't EVEN believe how great you look (I may have been slightly jealous). Way to go, mom!! Hope y'all are having a blast with that sweet little guy.

Laura said...

Oh, please don't listen to anyone who says you've lost it all for the next 18 years! My mom was just like yours...raised two kids, had a clean house, took us to our after school activities, and led Bible studies/volunteered in numerous places. You're going to be great!