Friday, June 17, 2011

Parenting 201

We have entered a new realm of parenting - discipline. Eek. Elliot is now crawling all over the place, pulling up, reaching for everything, & even exhibiting a bit of the "human sin nature." Oh boy. Now, if you don't think disciplining an 8 month old is appropriate, stop reading now. Josh & I believe that babies are smarter than they seem, & we want to teach him what is okay & what is not. We believe he has reached the stage where it is time to create boundaries. The problem is, how do I decide what those boundaries are?

You see, I am the type of person that lines up the kitchen table with the floor tiles. It's got to be straight. So, when my baby heads for my photo albums, do I get over it & force myself to think photos warped by drool is adorable? Or do I attempt to keep him away from everything that is not sold in the baby aisle of Target? You see my quandary.

It's hard to think about disciplining him. Who wants their child to get upset? I can see how parents end up letting their kids have or do whatever they want. But I also see what kind of kid that produces, & I don't want one of those!

God is SO teaching me right now to look to Him in EVERY moment. Stop - get my heart in the right place - pray & ask for wisdom/patience/peace - & let Him do it. Be obedient. What a process. It seems He is bound & determined to change me. How about that? Well, I might as well go with it. He really does have my best in mind, & Elliot's best. He is good. I really can rest in that!


Sandy said...

I remember those days!! For my sanity I chose to just put things away--never to be seen again for about 5 years. Especially because we had 2 children under the age of 2. We are big believers in boundaries, and they are so important. Plus we have to teach boundaries for when we are at other people's homes--which can be challenging when that home is not babyproofed. I think we just stayed home for about 3 years-haha.
You and Josh are very wise parents building your home on the strongest of foundations. I am praying for your sweet family.

Whitney said...

My advice is to pick your battles carefully, even at that age. Once you discipline once for something, you have to stick with it, ESPECIALLY at that age... that's when they start figuring out that you mean what you say.
Take comfort in the fact that you're not alone! Don't forget all those people who raised their hands and agreed in prayer to walk with you on this journey during his dedication! :)

Sandy said...

I can't seem to leave a comment on Amanda's blog. Did you have any difficulties? I must be doing something wrong.

Amanda said...

Here I am Sandy!! Its still in the works...
Courtney, I do see your quandary. Its tough but like Whitney said you must stay consistent or else you will have bigger battles. Consistency is my biggest battle! Its easier to start now when they give a little lip quiver than when they are older and give a much bigger fuss.
Praying his wisdom and guidance over the Roberts home...