Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 to 2012

2011 is over. With a baby, a year sure does go by fast! I already know my memory is failing regarding what last year held for us since I was sleep deprived for a good part of it, so I'd like to write out some of the highlights of last year, for my own sake.

-Traveled to North Carolina for Zac & Cara's wedding - Elliot did great. Having a baby in a hotel room is much easier when you can put them on another bed & know they won't fall off!
-Got food poisoning on my birthday (not a good memory, but memorable nonetheless).
-Visited our friends in Houston a couple of times - the Yaws, the Smiths, the Lamberts, Kristin, Aaron.
-Paige & Jason came to visit.
-Celebrated our anniversary at a yummy French restaurant then went to see a movie.
-Got away for a weekend to Dripping Springs & stayed at a B&B while Elliot stayed with my mom & sister.
-I quit my job, worked for a few more months, then was able to really quit. :)
-Josh started looking for a new job in a different industry in June, got an offer a couple of weeks later, started with a new company & is thriving (won the first MVP award!).
-Found out we were going to become an aunt & uncle in March 2012!
-I went to a girls' weekend in August with my close friends from high school.
-Started leading a Life Group.
-Elliot turned one year old! We had some close friends & family over for a Pooh themed party.
-Went to our second Family Life Weekend to Remember Marriage Conference at the Hyatt Hill Country (love that place!). It was really good for us to get away & be able to talk about our marriage & see how far we have come in the past 4.5 years.
-Went to Disney World. Elliot did great with traveling & having a crazy sleep schedule, though he ended up in our bed instead of the pack n play - he would have none of it! Got food poisoning the last day & missed out on Epcot :(. I don't think I've ever had food poisoning, then twice in one year!
-Had our second Roberts family Christmas at home, & rang in the new year at home by ourselves - I think it's the first year that I've never had any plans. But it was nice!

Now on to 2012! As a friend wrote on her blog, I know two things: 1) I will experience trouble, & 2) Jesus will be with me!

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The Links said...

Food poisoning twice? What a bummer. I'm praying for no food poisoning for you in 2012!!