Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jack @ 6 months

Jack is officially no longer a baby. Over the past month, we have seen so much change in him! He sits up now which makes him very happy; he's wanted to be able to sit up for a long time & just loves to sit on the floor & watch everyone around him. He grabs for everything so watch out for your hair and jewelry! If you set two items in front of him, one by his feet & one several inches away from his feet, he will reach for the furthest item. He loves the challenge. It's so fun to watch him wrap his little baby fingers around something & inspect it (then perhaps stick it in his mouth).

He is loud! He giggles & squeals & talks a lot. He has recently mastered the "da" sound, so he repeats "a-da, a-da, a-da" & it is the cutest thing. He has been known to start laughing for no reason. His favorite thing to do is watch Elliot. Elliot will run around the room & Jack thinks it is hilarious (which of course, Elliot loves). Jack prefers Elliot's cars & train tracks over bright baby toys (sometimes Elliot likes this, sometimes he doesn't).

He is a social little man. He wants to be with people & doesn't want to miss a thing (so forget getting a decent nap unless he's in his crib without anyone else nearby!). He never cries unless he's hungry or tired & is okay being passed off to people he doesn't know. He'll just grin & grab at their face. He seems to know when I am messing with him, teasing him somehow, & he'll just look up at me & smile. He already seems to have a sense of humor!

It's so fun to see his little personality coming out. I love this stage as they are developing so quickly. God designed this little person to have characteristics & quirks & we get to find out what they are. I pray that we are able to foster his personality & allow him to be exactly who God made him to be, & that he will be used for God's glory!

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