Sunday, May 5, 2013


I want to write down some of the funny things Elliot says or has done so I can remember them. His communication skills have developed so much recently & he is speaking in full sentences most of the time, not missing a word. It's so fun.

He calls all bugs "spider bugs."

The other night during his bath, he was looking at his fish & said, "He has a tail. He has a tail like me!" I said, "You have a tail?" "Yes." "Where is your tail?" I'll give you one guess where he pointed.

Every night after his bath, Elliot wants to "snuggle on the couch with mommy." The snuggling lasts about 5 seconds before he's flying around on the couch, so it's more like "mommy watches out for limbs heading for her face."

Right now, anytime Elliot refers to himself (ex. "Is that for me?") he pats his chest. It's so cute.

Note: I need to record the way he says "HEB" - I also happen to think that is very cute!

He likes to throw words at the end of his sentences, like "either," "though," "anymore," "now," & "last night." Sometimes he'll put two together, like "I don't want the do that either anymore" (which right now sounds like it could make sense, but I promise it doesn't when he says it :) ).

Elliot's favorite numbers are two and five. In the morning, he always wants "two waffles" or "two toasts."

Elliot has three freckles now on his arms. He thinks they're great. He also likes to talk about our freckles, except when he says "freckles" it sounds like "pretzels." So you'll hear him say, "You have pretzels too? You have pretzels on your face?"

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