Monday, October 7, 2013


All of a sudden, the boys have started acting like typical brothers (or I guess I should say siblings, since I have no real life experience to tell me what brothers should act like) & it's so fun! They giggle together, making the same noises back & forth, or splashing or hitting each other with balloons. They fight over toys - it's really funny to me how at just 12 months, Jack starts crying & looks straight for me to do something when Elliot takes something from him. Usually, Elliot is scrambling to gather his toys & hoards them from Jack, who wants to play with him, & Jack gets upset. Or Jack grabs something that Elliot doesn't want him to have, & Elliot grabs it back, & Jack screams with the strength of ten 1-yr-olds. It cracks me up (with the exception of the times it frustrates me, because it does wear on a mom!).

I suppose it comes with Jack no longer really being a baby. Even though he's not walking yet, he has developed so much in the past couple of months. I love this age. So much learning & exploring. & Elliot seems to really enjoy it too. They love each other & it's so fun to watch their relationship develop.

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Laura said...

This just sounds like such a fun time, even with the fighting. :)