Friday, June 20, 2008

Thoughts on adoption

Many of you who know us well know we plan to adopt at least one child one day, most likely a trans-racial baby, & most likely through New Life Adoption Agency. I have always wanted to adopt, although never felt a true calling to adopt until Josh & I were doing premarital counseling with the Bacaks, who have two adopted children (who are ADORABLE). Before we were even married, Josh & I both felt a real passion & desire to adopt, specifically through the same agency the Bacaks went through (Jenn's mom also works for the agency). The details are unknown to us - when, how many children, etc. But it's something we are excited about doing in our future.

The other day I was speaking with a friend about adoption (as her & her husband are also planning to adopt, & she is adopted) & all of a sudden I got hit with the reality of it all. What if we get chosen by a birthmom, then she changes her mind right after she has the baby? What will the relationship look like between our adopted child & his/her birthmom throughout his/her life? Our trans-racial child will probably experience racism in his/her life & it will break our hearts. Although I knew these things before, it has never troubled me like it did suddenly. But then I realized almost as soon as these things hit me - it doesn't matter. God has placed this calling on our lives. It doesn't matter how it works out or what happens. The process will most likely be trying, & we will have to learn how to have grace for people who say & do stupid things (see this story from the Bacaks blog). But God has a plan & it will be amazing to see it worked out. I'm excited about it!

My scalp is peeling from getting sun last weekend. It looks like I have big white chunks gathering at my hairline. Grrrooosssssss!!! It's a ponytail day!!

Have a good weekend!



Molly Kate said...

I didn't know you guys felt called to adopt! That's awesome!!! I'm so excited to see what God is doing!

Amber said...

wow. we could have a long discussion about this! i think about these things ALL the time because we plan to adopt as well! Although it is scary we resolve like doesnt matter. God has a plan for that childs life. amen friend.

BrunerAbroad said...

I love how you switch from God and adoption to your peeling scalp in an instant. It made me laugh.

I miss you!!

Molly Kate said...

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! It means so much to hear your encouraging words! I'll have these cozies up on my etsy soon and I'll let you know about an upcoming giveaway too!