Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blog overhaul

I felt the itch for some change in my life, & here you see the result! I changed up the template, & added labels to each post so you can read all of my posts about "our home," or whatever topic, by the click of a button (see left, scroll down). I also changed the title. As you should know, I love coffee, & to me it represents relationships, conversation, focus with the intent of listening (whether this is all with another person or with the Lord), as I feel that this blog, why I blog, is to not only keep you updated on what's going on in our lives, but to share my thoughts with you, things God has impressed on my heart, or things that randomly pop into my head (& I would think you read it so you can know these things as well, any other reasons I would like to know of :-) ).

I have also decided to start putting up more recipes & pictures, & I will be introducing book reviews. I am in a book club for our church so I think it would be fun to review the book we read each month (& perhaps some of the books I read on my own).

Hopefully I'll become more diligent about posting as well. :-)



Molly Kate said...

Hey court! I love the new layout! I'm a major coffee lover too :) and I loved what your wrote about coffee because that is what is represents for me too! It also reminds me of the intimate relationship I have with the Lord and the many "coffee dates" I had with Him. That's why my paintings often include coffee cups, coffee, and swirls! love ya lots.

Claire said...

I love the layout almost as much as I love you ;) I'm so glad we chatted today. I will be praying that everything works out with Josh's car.