Sunday, July 20, 2008

Communion hog

So today we had communion at church. This was exciting, because in the past year, we have missed most communions due to being back in Sunday School with our second graders. So yay for communion.

Anyways, so we file out of our row & stand in line to grab a piece of cracker-type "bread" & some grape juice. File, stand, take, walk, sit back down. Once we were seated again, waiting on everyone else to get theirs, I tapped Josh on the shoulder. He looked over & held up my cracker - a big piece nearly as long as my forefinger. He grinned & shook his head at me, in that "you are ridiculous" kind of way. I think he called me a goober or something too.

It's true... in the two seconds I have to scan over all the cracker pieces I have to choose from, I quickly spot the biggest available & take it. I love bread. & crackers are bread-like.

I was hungry too, does that make me less ridiculous??


Molly Kate said...

THIS CRACKS ME UP!!!! you are amazing. I can't wait to see you Friday!

Melissa Shearer said...

Hey! I got a chance to look at your blog and catch up on what's going on with you and Josh. I'm glad everything is going so well for you both! It sounds like your new LifeGroup is really great. Things have been different for us, and we miss seeing you guys. Take care & God bless!