Thursday, August 28, 2008

why oh why??

For some reason, I have discovered that most of my nail polishes are both really old & all pink. I mean, not that you want to be painting your toe nails purple or green (or maybe you do, but I don't), but I didn't have any reds. Plus since they are old, I thought I'd buy a new one. So yesterday I bought a new red nail polish.

Just now I was painting my toe nails. Why oh why do sometimes I do a good job painting my toe nails, & sometimes it looks like I dipped my feet in red or pink paint? I don't know. But today's situation was the latter, unfortunately.

So I'm on coat two, getting nail polish all over my toes, but you know, it comes off when you bathe, or at least it seems to be gone by the next day, so I'm holding on to hope that it will look good tomorrow.

A blob drops on to our bathroom tile. Eek! So I quickly get it off with my finger, then go to wash the nail polish off my finger at the sink. It won't come off with just water, so I rub it off with two other fingers. Blast! It just spread all over. I grab the nail polish remover & pour it on my fingers & rub them together. Why oh why doesn't nail polish remover work on skin?! I tried soap, to no avail.

So now I look like I grabbed a knife by the wrong end. Here I go out into the world, to show everyone my nail polishing skillz!!


creativelyhomemaking said...

Hilarious! I always have the SAME problem with nail polish. That's why I never paint my own toes bc it looks like a 5 year old did it. Actually, a 5 year old could probably do better! I'm so glad you found our blog! I was reading on your blog to see if I could figure out if I knew you..but I didn't see any pics of you guys haha. And guess what, you won the coupons!!! I'm going to email you to get your address.

Larra Palermo

The Dodds said...

bahahahaha!! I'm laughing... bc on the agenda for the day was painting my toenails... great...

Jess said...
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Jess said...

I just wrote a post on painting your nails on my Easy Open Smiles blog. Maybe I should include a link to a disaster story to warn my readers!
I'll just go add in your link.
Thanks! lol

Claire said...

O Courtney, you and I are in the same boat. Maybe next time we are in the same city together we should splurge and get a pedi :)